Missing Alumni

Over the years since our graduation, many changes have occurred in the world and our lives.  Many of those classmates we knew as acquaintances, or even close friends, have somehow vanished from our daily lives. Below is a list of those classmates that we haven't yet been able to find or validate the information we currently have.  If you have any information about any of these classmates, as insignificant as it may be ( new last name, last known place they resided, a relative we may contact about them, etc.), please contact Maureen Dolan Studenka at  maureendolanstudenka@gmail.com or 619-857-2507. Thanks.
Last Name      First Name
Blaauboer Belcastro Gail M
Albert Harrison  Margie
Aldao Mark R
Allison David
Andrews Condon Donna
Berghello Capoccitti Dolores
Casserly Haller Elizabeth
Delaney Sherman  Cathleen
Fisher Stephanie
Fitzgerald Michael
Hendrick Michael E
Lewis  Earl E
Lynch Gerald
McGrath Mary Ann
Mitchell Margaret
Osielski Carr  Margaret A
Pagano Joann M
Palmer  Catherine F
Palmer Linda M
Quinlan Virginia R
Scanlon Patricia A
Scisci Tina
Snyder Carioto Nora K
Spencer Mary Ann-Honey
Szczepkowski Edward M
Weis Janice M
Whitton  Paul
Williams Mary L